Spooky Festivities, poetry by Franci Eugenia Hoffman at Spillwords.com

Spooky Festivities

Spooky Festivities

written by: Franci Eugenia Hoffman



Oh, the wind how it wails
a lonely dog howls
through the night
competing with sulking
loons as they cry out
guttural and eerie sounds.
The quiet lake under the guise
of serenity now a haunting
blackhole covered in mist.
Spooky shadowy figures,
not friendly folk, shrouded
in icy white convene with
witches and goblins planning
and plotting their knavery.
The inky midnight sky,
air thick and suffocating,
comes alive and reckless with
broom wielding witches, so spry.
Acrobatic bats tango with stars
while waltzing apparitions emerge.
A pale moon wakened, peeks
through quilted clouds
and harks back “what’s the ado!?”
The air resounds with whoops, hollers,
shrieks of delight and noisy chants
luring onlookers and rubber-neckers.

Come hither, my friends
Tis a frightfully good time
Why it’s Halloween!

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