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  1. Where, do you hail from?

Presently Payson, AZ. The middle of a mountainous state with a Valley of the Sun. I’m a recent transplant from Cleveland, OH.

  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

I live at 5000 feet. I have a view of a ridge another 2500 feet that runs for a couple hundred miles. There are few people, tons of wildlife, and more trails than I could hike in a lifetime. Life is better with 100 mile horizons.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

The incomplete thought or phrase that pops into my head. I write within the moment. If I can create an image or build a thought into something more solid or take it someplace else, than I have succeeded in writing something.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?


My thoughts stream down like rain creating echoes in a cacophony chorus.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

The overwhelming use of stereotypes and cardboard characters is absolutely annoying. While you do have to include them sometimes, too often they are used to fill space. If it doesn’t add to the story, idea, thought, etc., then why is it there in the first place?  There are times in real life when someone goes “Those people” or “all you (     )’s are all the same.

  1. What defines Any1mark? 

Ok, take a hammer and a nail, then pin down jello. I’m not one for definitions. Partially due to me being a moderate and perfectly happy with things not needing to make sense. I’m fully bought into there are no such things as coincidences and what we do individually matters.

The rest of life is chance and how you react to what presents itself to you today. This implies that yesterday is history and we can’t change weekday happened. Which gives us the options of carrying baggage to drag us down or recognize the crazy acting man with the chainsaw is best avoided.

But for simplicity sake, I am me. Not the smartest, best looking, richest person out there. But that’s fine by me.

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