Standing Apart, a poem by Tamar Gvelesiani at

Standing Apart

Standing Apart

written by: Tamar Gvelesiani



Oh, winds, those insane winds
Ask fallen leaves to blow and dream.
November blossoms and pearls in trees,
Thoughts were asked to blow with wind.

Oh, dreams, those infant dreams
Come emotionally on earth to live,
To rise and fall in hopes and wills,
As autumn comes, dreams follow winds.

And I breathe and think and feel,
While I blow, thoughts blow with me.
And wind comes and roars and heals
As blows off the wounds within.

And leaves disappear when following me,
I blow with thoughts and
Life blows within.
With golden, reddish secret leaves
Streets share love with us and freeze.

From tops of trees, from hints of trust
Winds rush and hurry insanely fast,
Leaving humans on colored path
With thoughts and dreams standing apart.

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