Suessical Gibberish written by Roger Turner at

Suessical Gibberish

Suessical Gibberish

written by: roger turner



If a fish
Could make a wish
for what would
this fish wish?
a wishing fish
you say, tosh tish
but if you were
a wishing fish
would you wish for
a new dish?
or a knish?
what would a fish
do with a dish?
and how would he
eat a knish?
but if you knew
a wishing fish
exactly what
would this fish wish?

If you saw
a little bunny
on a tree stump
counting money
would you think
that it was funny
if he used it
to buy honey
to eat outside
while it was sunny
Just where would
that little bunny
get a bag full
of such money
To me that just seems
rather funny

If you saw
a blue canoe
being paddled by
a kangaroo
wearing shoes
size sixty two
Tell me just
what would you do
if there beside
that kangaroo
sat a rather large
and old gnu
I think I would
call the zoo
but, tell me
what it is you’d do

A bunny, fish
and kangaroo
were all out walking
two by two
they were followed
by a large gnu
I think this rather strange
don’t you?
I don’t know just
what I would do
If I saw walking
two by two
A bunny, fish
and kangaroo
in fact I do not
have a clue
but I know the fish’s wish
don’t you?

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