The Backward Gender, a poem by Adrian David at

The Backward Gender

The Backward Gender

written by: Adrian David


Women are second to men.
It is unacceptable to imagine
they must be treated equally.
One can surely assert that
God created women inferior.
I pity you if you think
they are strong and independent.
Everyone knows that
they can’t live on their own.
Only a fool would believe
they can do everything by themselves.
Like it or not,
women must bow in front of men.
Never even think that
women deserve to be respected.
The universal truth is that
Adam came first, not Eve.
Stop saying that
she belongs in all places.
You know what?
She belongs…
in the kitchen and the bedroom
in skyscrapers and high offices.
Her place is
within the four walls of her home.
She doesn’t fit
the everyday world out there.
Her hands can change
only her baby’s diapers,
anything and everything.
After all, women can be
incapable of certain things.
Most men are
brave and strong,
While women are
the weaker sex.
Don’t call them
Women are nothing but
All male chauvinists are
great and wise beings.
Women are destined to be
living in a man’s world.
Don’t be a fool, thinking you’re
It’s high time we all became
used to patriarchy,
Rather than being
misinformed sheeple.
If you agree, you’re all
doing the right thing.
If you disagree, you’re…
you’re insensitive and ignorant.
Think patriarchy is the best?
Yes, it is!
Think feminism is good?
Ha, ha, nice joke!
Men are the masters of women.
Men are the superior sex.
So, I’d laugh hard if you say
Women are created equal.


(Feel outraged? Unfortunately, this is what many misogynists believe in. It’s time to reverse the patriarchy. Literally. Now, read the poem from bottom to top ↑)

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