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Sun Bright/Sunburn

written by: Glenn Bresciani


I hate sunlight. It burns my face.
The lifeforms scurrying over my skin are loved by the sun. In direct sunlight, they multiply by the billions.
I’ve had enough.
I’m unable to destroy the sun, but I sure as hell can stop the sunlight from touching my face.
I squeeze the festering bumps on my cheeks, pressing hard until they explode like volcanoes- Ha! They literally are volcanoes, spewing superheated gas and ash into the upper atmosphere.
All life will perish during a long, bleak, volcanic winter.
I don’t care. I’m just glad to get the sun off my face.

Glenn Bresciani

Glenn Bresciani

I work as a support worker in community aged care. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorite genres that I enjoy reading and want to write about. I wish that the process of writing a short story was the same as eating a bowl of ice cream - every spoonful is a pleasant experience, and it’s all done in five minutes.
Glenn Bresciani

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