The Art of Music, a poem written by Mike Turner at

The Art of Music

The Art of Music

written by: Mike Turner


Heartache and despair
Give rise to the blues
Longing gives us country
With its three chords and the truth

Add some gospel phrasing
You get R&B and soul
Set it to a backbeat
And it’s birthed as rock and roll

Play the notes discordant
It’ll come to us as jazz
Pluck banjo, bass, and fiddle
And it’s lonesome, high bluegrass

Brass with strings and woodwinds
Will combine in symphony
Stripped down to acoustic
Then folk is its pedigree

Hip-hop, rap, and reggae
Instrumentals, song
Each has its place amongst us
And to all of us belong

They say that the world’s music
Is perhaps our oldest art
But no matter genre, music
Is the language of our hearts

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