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The Carpenter

written by: Paula Puolakka


Who is the most famous carpenter
(and a carpenter’s son)
in the history of man?
His birth is the reason why we are celebrating

In his hometown, he was unable to do miracles
since he was not seen as a prophet:
the king was looked down upon
because of his family history
and his past as a local boy.
Yet, he healed the sick
and tried to teach the people to understand
the ways of G-d.

In my family, there have been many good men
who have worked to make the pieces of wood come alive.
There is a difference if you are working with mahogany,
or cedar:
you have to know the essence of the materials
to choose the right one
to get the best outcome.
It’s the same thing with different individuals:
you have to sense the unique G-d-given energy
in everyone
to remove what is not necessary
to light up their full potential.

The king had this special skill
to work with people
because of his past
as a carpenter
(and a carpenter’s son)
in Nazareth.
His birthday, Christmas,
should be the day when we cherish the unique
skills and essence of each and every one.

Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka (1982) is a Beat poet, writer, and MA (History of Science and Ideas) who has won poetry and short story contests held in the USA and Israel. She has also been given credit from the essay contests held in Finland, for example, by The Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation. Her interview that was published through SoFloPoJo in October 2019 and included, for example, her views over the thoughts of Mr. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Mr. Theodore Kaczynski, and over the different forms of violence in society, had to be, unfortunately, withdrawn since the editors went and censored the interview after the publication without her permission. Puolakka's uncensored interview can still be found through Re:fiction. Between 4/2019 and 5/2020, Puolakka was 25 x the winner of the poetry challenge held by Poetry Potion. Her latest work can be found through Jerry Jazz Musician and The Burgundy Zine. The newspapers Kaleva and Savon Sanomat have also supported Puolakka’s opinions, and the radio station Dei has shared her good vibes on 6/15/20, 1/23/20 & 09/23/19.
Paula Puolakka

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