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written by: Alex Andy Phuong


Christmas Day
Fun and play
Jovial holiday
Food and family
Mistletoe and holly
Jack Skellington misunderstood
but he still did the best he could
to spread Halloween fear
yet his intentions were still so dear
Dear family,
Spread love, not hate,
and let’s all celebrate
for Christmas only comes once a year
and it is a time to rejoice with holiday cheer
Holy day and holy night
Let eternal love and light shine bright

Alex Andy Phuong

Alex Andy Phuong

Alex Andy Phuong graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with his Bachelor of Arts in English in 2015, and was an editor for Statement Magazine. He currently writes articles and film reviews online. His writing has appeared in The Bookends Review, The Society of Classical Poets, and Wilderness House Literary Review #12/4.
Alex Andy Phuong

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