The Crooked Mile, poetry by Flash at
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The Crooked Mile

The Crooked Mile

written by: Flash


I was once a crooked man,
And I drove a crooked mile.
I had some of crooked friends,
And we’d been crooked for some while.
Then I met a southern woman,
With a California style.
Though she holds her secrets close,
She’s as honest as her smile.
With sadness lurking in her eyes,
And circles dark there under,
Her sudden smile lights up the world,
And fills my heart with Wonder.
What magic in those laughing eyes!
Though saddened by her state.
It seemed that our chance meeting,
Was a simple twist of fate.
The sadness in those eyes must go!
That smile must be set free!
She needed someone to smile for.
I hoped it might be me.
And so I stalked this tiny cat,
This lioness in chains.
Till I caught the bonnie lass,
Our lives forever changed.
That crooked mile got straightened out,
Somehow, along the way.
I soon became an honest man,
Remaining so today.
With sunshine in her laughing eyes,
My crooked mile gone straight,
As long as we’re together,
We’re finding life is great



The Crooked Mile, poetry by Flash at Spillwords.comI first met my wife in Alabama while learning to drive a truck among the southern outlaw truckers. She was and is my little sister’s best friend. It was some years before we became a couple. This piece tells the story of my return to Alabama, years after we first met.

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