For The Love of Fall and You! poetry by Cindy Georgakas at

For The Love of Fall and You!

For The Love of Fall and You!

written by: Cindy Georgakas


Seeds sprout hope in hearts that love. Blooming color making everyday moments extraordinary,
washing over the horizon, bursting with the radiance of the sun.

Your love shines down on me with your prisms of shimmering rainbows, clearing up gray skies.

Morning fresh dew awakens my senses. I smell the gift of fall as the colors change to autumn golds and the sky to tangerine orange.

Leaves snowing, touch the earth for the first time and crunch under my feet leaving their delicious scent.

The coolness of your breath invites fires and candlelight under soft sheets that caress my skin with a bookmark on all of my favorite spots.

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