The Arctic Spoke, poetry by Abagail Summers at
Mikhail Nilov

The Arctic Spoke

The Arctic Spoke

written by: Abagail Summers


Icy water moved through her
No longer solid
She cried but no one could hear her
The ones that did, only looked away

The heat was spreading and spreading
Moving over her as she ran
But there was nowhere to go

This was her home, her life
She wept fearful tears of icy waters every day

Their eyes were closed
So closed, they only saw what they wanted to

Slow. Nothing to worry about.
Change, she called out.
But no one could hear her.
No one could see.
Their eyes were closed, so closed

First, it was her arms as they reached to block the sun

Then, it was her legs, as she could no longer run

Last, it was her heart as it broke apart, poured into an icy grave

The sea rose with great sadness
It toppled over trees, fields of green
She swept through their towns and over their lives

Change, she warned so long ago

But the world was sleeping

Their eyes were closed

Change, she whispered in the wind
But they were sleeping, sleeping, sleeping…



I was inspired to write this after hearing the song, “Into the Arctic.” I pictured the Arctic as a woman who spoke, but no one listened.

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