The Cursor on A Blank Page by Preeth Ganapathy at

The Cursor on A Blank Page

The Cursor on A Blank Page

written by: Preeth Ganapathy


I stare at you blinking at me.
We are two followers
in search of the missing leader.

You appear disappear re-appear
like sun drops dripping from the tip of
a gabled roof on a winter morning
shining faint light on a path to an unexplored line
as I sit down to write each day.

“We have done this before, we do this everyday,
in fact, we did this just yesterday,” I tell you
We slip into the rhythm of a step dance,
delete-type, delete-type,
back and forth, front and back,
unravelling words camouflaged in white
stringed together into a poem

“We don’t need a leader,” I think, “my thoughts are privy only to you,
who needs a leader when we can be best of friends.”

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