The Dreaded Blue-Grey, a poem by DJ Elton at
Tony Wan

The Dreaded Blue-Grey

The Dreaded Blue-Grey

written by: DJ Elton



Boring. Boring. And more boring.
Today I feel so easily grumpled, it all feels too familiar, the same, mundane.
Done it a thousand times. Blah. Boring.
All the people seem boring too. No-one has the right passion
Or feeling or empathy. Those closest seem most boring.
Let’s take this boring train and see what station it takes me to.
I look out the window and
There’s an occasional scene of delight, a snicker of amusement,
A rising laugh. This boring train
Better not be a long journey.
It even makes me sick of being positive, always finding the best.
It’s a cold steel blue-grey boring train, old, circa 1940s.
Glad I don’t ride on it too often. My left leg is
Padlocked and chained to an upright seat
As I wander down the aisle of
This boring empty train.

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