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The Dreaded Blue-Grey

written by: DJ Elton



Boring. Boring. And more boring.
Today I feel so easily grumpled, it all feels too familiar, the same, mundane.
Done it a thousand times. Blah. Boring.
All the people seem boring too. No-one has the right passion
Or feeling or empathy. Those closest seem most boring.
Let’s take this boring train and see what station it takes me to.
I look out the window and
There’s an occasional scene of delight, a snicker of amusement,
A rising laugh. This boring train
Better not be a long journey.
It even makes me sick of being positive, always finding the best.
It’s a cold steel blue-grey boring train, old, circa 1940s.
Glad I don’t ride on it too often. My left leg is
Padlocked and chained to an upright seat
As I wander down the aisle of
This boring empty train.

DJ Elton

DJ Elton

DJ Elton is a writer of poetry and speculative fiction living in Melbourne, Australia. She has had her micro fiction and short stories published in numerous anthologies including Black Hare Press, Little Quail Press, Eleanor Merry Publishing, and others. She has a background in healthcare and meditation which both help her creative pursuits in fiction. When not writing she likes to be in the country, travel, and spend time with like-minded company.
DJ Elton

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