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The Emancipation of a Mental State

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



There's Always
A Battle Inside
Where Things Aren't
So Clearly Defined
Sometimes It's
Colorfully Disguised
And Other Times It's
Plain As Black & White

I'm Not Frightened
By Any Test That Comes
I'm Built To Withstand
Fortified To Rise Above
None Could Call This
Ingenuity, Dumb Luck
I Play The Keys With
The Softest Touch

My Thoughts Are Like A
Beast Brought To Life
No Matter How Hard
You Make Efforts to Try
Or The Amount Of Places
You Think You Can Hide
It's My Choice And Will
That Come To Find

My Words Will Always
Punch Through To Vibrate
Sinfully Delicious In My
Skills To Reverberate
The Effects That Hook
In To You And Invigorate
An Insatiable Craving
For What It Is I Create

Geovanni Villafañe

Geovanni Villafañe

I'm a poet, writer and lyricist. Sometimes my styles cross.
I speak my mind through my writing. But I don't fear speaking in words as well as my actions.
Geovanni Villafañe

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