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The Few

The Few

written by: Anne G



I am continuously amazed at how unfazed we the people, remain undaunted by the machinations of the devious few. We go on with our daily lives expecting the best yet invariably accepting the worst.

What makes us believe all is resolved and changed as if by magic when all that results are trickery and deceit?

Intrinsic human goodness abused by the few, corrupting innocence, fairness and truth. Self-serving bureaucrats confuse us at will, with their unique slight of hand, promising promises, prosperity and peace.

Generations of people disillusioned, deceived, forgiving, forgetting, lies and abuse. Surviving the onslaught of daggers and darts, caught in between politicians and press. Poisonous intrigue served up by the few, doses fed hourly in continuous loop.

And lo, my amazement grows greater each day. We who are wronged, though trusting and true, strive onwards and upwards in spite of it all.  Facing uncertainty, here at home and abroad, lift voices that fly in the face of those few. True to our nature, imperfect and flawed, against all the odds we rise to the top believing that truth must, and will set us all free.

The longer I dwell on this constant in man I realize we are greater than those pusillanimous few who posture before us like sheep dressed as wolves. Practitioners of banal and empty discourse, preaching from pulpits of ivory and gold. Professing commonality with those who they serve knowing deep down they serve only themselves.

And yet … we forge on, persistent and strong, determined we always shall overcome. The few should beware of the many they fail for no matter the distance, the future is theirs.

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