The Firework Party, a poem by Nina Taylor at
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The Firework Party

The Firework Party

written by: Nina Taylor


‘Do you know what today is? The 5th of November
The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes we remember.
We’ll build a big bonfire and light up the sky
With sparklers and fireworks that will shoot up so high.’

So the lady, the dog and little brown mouse
Put on their coats and ran out of the house.
‘Aren’t you coming, Cat? It will be such a laugh
We’ll look for sticks and leaves for a fire and a half.’
But cat wasn’t sure if he liked that idea
As fireworks sometimes filled him with fear.
Especially the ones that make a loud bang.
He remembered last time how his ears just rang.

‘We’ll look after you, Cat. Don’t worry about that.
Now go on quickly and find your hat.
So off they all went in search of firewood
And little brown mouse carried as much as he could.
Together they built a lovely woodpile
Not too high, so the flames wouldn’t rise for a mile.
‘We’ll keep well away when we set it alight.
And then we’ll be sure that we’ll be all right.
A bonfire is safe if you follow the rules.
And the fireworks won’t bang but look like jewels.

Now time to prepare our bonfire night feast
Like potatoes and sausages and marshmallow treats
And fish for the cat and cheese for the mouse.’
So busy they were it was like a madhouse.

The table was ready outside in the yard
But cat was still a bit on his guard
‘Oh Cat you’ll be fine,’ said little brown mouse.
But if you’re scared you can go back in the house.
Here hold this sparkler and see what you think.
See? It’s not that scary and shining pink.
Let’s wave them around so they shine in the dark.’
And soon, dog, cat and mouse were having a lark.

The bonfire was lit and burning bright
And the lady set the fireworks to light up the night.
One by one they flashed in the sky
And ‘Oooh’ and ‘Ahh’ the cat did cry.
‘I don’t know why I was so scared before.
And these are so pretty that’s for sure.’
‘Yes’ said the lady, ‘fireworks can be a joy
As long as we remember they’re not a toy.
If we all stand back and leave plenty of room
Then safely up to the sky they’ll zoom.
Now time to eat a yummy treat
To make this special day really complete.’

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