The Great Pumpkin Ride, a poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at

The Great Pumpkin Ride

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



The Midnight Ride on Halloween
could not compare to Paul Revere;
There was no warning of what was to come,
for “The Great Pumpkin” was already here!

Warlock “Blaise” – He cheered at the reins,
while most townsfolk were still fast asleep;
His Great Pumpkin rolled in, on cast iron wheels,
through dead silence, not even a peep

Suddenly, all of the mayhem broke loose
It forced the townsfolk up on their feet
From beds to windows, they did peer out
– Was this a trick, or was this a treat?

When Warlock “Blaise” fiercely pulled on the reins,
The Great Pumpkin slowed down his pace…
He popped up his stem and opened his top –
Laying fear on everyone’s face

Out of the Pumpkin, they came one by one…
The Ghosts, the Goblins, the Witches of the Night!
They danced and screeched in the quiet streets,
casting huge shadows by each window’s light

The townsfolk hid behind closed doors,
as each Witch rode past on a broom
The eerie and wicked Halloween crew
cast spells of Halloween doom

There were Spiders and Skeletons lurking about
The Witches left foul brew at each door
Warlock “Blaise” rose to his feet, sang a devilish tune,
but the townsfolk couldn’t take anymore!

They ran for their ammo and loaded their guns
All windows were opened full wide
They shot at the Ghosts, Goblins, Witches galore,
and smiled as each fell – with pride!

‘Twas the “young” Warlock’s time to meet his fate,
as he cowered behind The Great Pumpkin’s shield
But someone shot him, straight through the heart;
– and “Blaise” died on his own battlefield

The Great Pumpkin rode off, on his cast iron wheels –
He left his sinful friends dead in the street
He rode out of town, without looking back,
and unwillingly claimed defeat

The townsfolk came out of their homes with glee,
and burned all the evil that fell in their way
They took back their streets, on this Halloween night,
as “The Great Pumpkin Ride” faded by day!

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