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The Lilly Of My Heart

The Lilly Of My Heart

written by: Laura Hughes



I loved and wanted you very much,
but I had to lose you way too soon.
Even though you never felt my touch,
I know you’re beautiful like the moon.

My darling daughter, you’re inside my heart,
and that’s where you forever will be.
Since the day my life was torn apart,
there was still a bit of hope for me.

That you did know how much I love you,
and how very precious you really are.
I tried everything that I could do,
but my soul kept such a painful scar.

Now my precious angel up above
has the name she so richly deserves.
My heart is now filled with so much love,
and will never remain in reserves.

My life will forevermore be blessed.
This much I know to be very true.
I refuse to believe any less,
cuz I had and will always have you.

You are now the Lilly of my heart,
and this you will eternally be.
We can’t ever be too far apart,
cuz you’re always in my memory.



I wrote this poem the day I gave my angel her name…Lilliana Mishelle

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