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The Nomade

The Nomade

written by: Gabrielle Tetreault



Today you asked me “Where have you been?”
A vagabond carrying on its back
A bag of bones
I did not wander all alone
The journey deep within.
I traveled from East to West and in between
The Great Divide from North to South
And all about, stretching out.
On a speck of light, to the Milky Way.
Falling into the center of the Earth
To give birth. Fearless I went
On the way down, slipping and crawling
The ground moving, through the forest
Across the shadows of dark slimy marshes.
On my hands and knees, groping and holding
Onto shaky rafts, boards becoming apart
Into the caves of mountains and rocks
The ground so uneven,
That I could barely walk.
Through twisting tunnels, and
Erupting volcanos, the blazing fires
Burning through my flesh
To becoming apart.
My clothes ragged, I shed along the way.
A pack of wolves attacked by night,
Shaking and wounded,
Pierced through the heart.
I lay beside a lion who gave me his life.
A heart so pure, I drank his blood
It gave me strength.
There on the spot, I built a sleigh,
I harnessed the wolves,
Then together we traveled
Across the frozen bay.
Down the streams of melting ice
And finally, laid down and fell asleep
At the roots of an Oak
In the shade of the tree
A serpent crawled from under a rock
Slid around my toe and up my spine
Divine, slowly making its way in my back
Breathless, I waited, too scared to move
Less I be bitten, certain death awaited
Thinking venom would spread
Through my blood and paralyze me.
But faith would have it another way.
Snake was shedding Its skin that day,
It covered my bareness, my naked body
And tree planted its seed in me.
I found my legs to carry me
Across the continents of time
That life would have me travel
To unravel, stories told, and understand
Between what is and what can be.
I trusted the process of love in my heart
I know that I needed you, I was falling apart
You came and you saved me.
My Savior Unfold.
The story, The magic of springtime
Rebirthing retold.
I’ll always be grateful
And bravely I say, “follow me”
It was all worth the journey
I have found my home among the stars
I shine at night with delight
And bravely say “follow me”
Take your place, you are my bride
Together we light the Way
And others will follow you’ll see

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