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The Palette of A Flight

written by: Maria Chalastani


Following the Indian path of martyrdom
panting human cells
of sylvan lungs
-their black luggage loaded
with their green past,
their coloured memories
gasping for some refuge-
are riding the ravage
out of their primal tissue.
Death-licking, crimson tongues
stop chocking each passage to hope and
allow for the rainbow-clad wildlife
and the blue tears of heaven
with their prismatic light
still dazzling on the dense canopy
to make it into
the galloping luggage
of the chosen few
out of the Promise Land
and into the Grey Land
of the artificial Edens
and organised savageness
of our own social tissue.
The only land of survival.
The land of the culprit.

Maria Chalastani

Maria Chalastani

My family and I live in Greece. Creative Writing is my passion. Some of my poems and short stories have been hosted in collections, after receiving some prizes and distinctions. My first children's book has recently been published in Greece.
Maria Chalastani

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