written by: MZ CLARKE



What kind of birds are we?
Singing a sulking dark soul’s song defying death seducing eternity
Living in a house of crows as Cage stabbing the darkness with our bloody beaks
Electric wings lift us to new murderous mountain peaks
Satan’s sparrow flying into the abyss of hell
Volcanic vultures feeding off the carcasses of the dead
In alabaster and crimson sculpture of corpuscles and muscles of steel
We live in the shadows where memories make us feel
so real
we’re almost human
but certainly monsters
wounded warriors weary of wicked wars
slashing ghosts and demons soars
who know endless excruciating flight in search of a place to heal

After eternity kept our love protected in a heart-shaped box
then restarted all Time’s shattered clocks
What else could we do together
since we already knew how to fly?
Live in a house of crows or house of ravens evermore

A radical rebel riverine love in transmutation of time and space
beyond death into Neptune’s psychedelic arms
start our own ravenous revolution
in the clutches of each other’s electricity
blood magic and bold volts of corpuscled Nirvana
Heaven’s envious now as angels are flying down to take bites of our sweet supernatural brains
Vampires want to drink the glorious venom rushing through our veins
Zombies want to walk in our monstrous molded sculptures unbound by chains
No longer disconnected souls what could we do that more than entertains

A way to plug back in to our disconnected souls
We would be music or nothing
Poetic riot or nothing
Find a way to buy back the world
we knew when we were once innocent

We became a band – Electric Blood Warriors
Put on our kaleidoscopic grease paint
I used my rib bones as an electric harp
freeing a hand to pound the drums
as my love and lust played his heart as an electric guitar
every note played shot through me like a lightning split star
we were instruments of music
could we be instruments of change
or were we simply deranged?

uploaded on YouTube
we lived a rock ‘n roll fantasy
but what kind would we be
A love perched in its electric chair
singing caged exhaling music’s rarified air?
A new undead Juliet and Romeo
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
or Annabel Lee embraced by Poe’s Black Dove?

We were two creative creatures in love
allowing the mysterious flow of electricity of power and hearts
intertwine as river into an ocean of emotion
as we wrote songs and sang, breaking only into an interlude of kisses
and fiery embrace

I was awoken from this dream by a scream from Zeek
within an instant I jumped up and woke Jordan

“Zeek is sick with fever, I have to go to him”

“I’ll go with you”

So we flew on this moonless night in the desolate darkness lit by the radiance of our own light
I rushed into Lallia’s house and went to Zeek’s room
I could feel my body infected with the same fever Zeek was aflame with heat

“Hi, Zeek”

He could barely lift his concreted eyelids that secreted blood tears

“Lucy” was all he could sputter

I nodded to Lallia still holding a cold compress in its futile folding

“I’ll take him to the hospital”

“Make him well again please… he’s all I have.”

“Of course.”

We flew to Lataham Hospital and walked through the front door

I could see my sister Teri walking toward the emergency room
When she turned to me I was shocked at her transformation – her face softened, brow unfurrowed

“Stan dropped his case against me, trying to get custody of the kids.  He just — moved away–”

“I’m so glad  — (handing her the boy) Zeek is sick with some kind of fever.  I can feel it’s in his blood, attacking him from the inside out”

Teri grabbed Zeek and ran to the emergency room

As Lucy turned around – she was suddenly surrounded by vampires swooping down from the ceiling
attacking her, sucking her electrified stem cell fortified blood

Lucy shrieked in pain screaming for assistance from her Zeltergeist creation and Zeek’s grandfather

“Oah, help!”

She heard nothing but silence from the afterlife then a booming voice from his celestial resting place

“Use your skills – you don’t need me anymore”

A lump of fear rose into her throat as Lucy looked down at a blur of blood spatter wiping it away and staring into the Coracle embedded as an amulet in the palm of her hand

She aimed the coracle at these blood-lusting angry demons hungry for destruction and suddenly electric bullets shot into their bodies electrocuting them, their bodies bursting into flames flying like evil embers falling back into the fires of hell

More kept coming from all corners of the hospital where they had been feeding on patients after breaking into the lab and devouring all the trays of stem cells

The Coracle became a sword of lightning-force electricity slashing through the vampires one by one, dueling the small and the biggest, slashing them to their eternal death, watching their burning bodies
pouring red rain down on the shining white floors

When the vampires were all dead in piles of devil dust, she got up and stumbled to find Jordan, nowhere to be found, her fever felt through Zeek was getting hotter and seemed to short-circuit her limbs

She lamented in a loud cry if her world was ruined, as she dragged her bloody body in search of her one true love, whose absence even for a few moments was agonizing, her mind tormenting each second:

Feeling like this, I knew there was a darkness at the edge of eternity I wasn’t ready to face.  Thorns grow beneath roses and honey tastes of sting, as my soul reels, like love, I already shed the blood and tears, but the wounds have yet to heal.

We are both unearthly things
both with lovers souls
playing on monster heart-strings
but in the devil you found your roles

Some myths are prophesies
You are a war I can’t win
as you commit
the ultimate satanic sin
I was catacombing for corpses
to possess a frontal lobe to bind
a memory of love beyond all realms of Fate’s fire
death’s unmoving ice
under tombstones and writhing worms
maggots whispering your name
who knew Betrayal was what I would find

Now in murderous rage
I’ll drag vengeance across the Grim Reaper’s magnificent stage
You’ll fuel my inferno for vengeance that will terrify Lucifer back in hell’s cage

I suddenly felt a cry well from my heart
but it was Zeek’s voice so I ran to his hospital room
inside I found Jordan, my vampire and one and only true love biting
into Zeek’s neck
while he held Teri’s throat by the noose of his fist

“What are you doing?!  Get off of him!”

“I can’t help myself.  Stay back!”

In a split second choosing between birth family, my new family
and my only love
I realized
there are two pins on either side of a grenade
called a heart
whoever pulls that pin out
explodes the love apart
to smithereens
no longer recognizable
as love at all

My newly minted instinct took over
I turned the coracle directly into his face
between his fangs and Zeek’s blood-spurting neck
and within an inch of Teri’s head
I had one chance
I couldn’t miss
I took aim
the coracle shot a bullet of lightning
into Jordan’s head
bursting into bits of blood and skull
He dropped away from Zeek’s jugular vein screaming
his hand in-noosed from Teri’s neck
once again dead
same bullet ricocheted into my frontal lobe
as I begged for the memory of him from my sight

I clutched Zeek into one arm and Teri fell onto my shoulder
angry air flooding her lungs once more
No other love would never possess me
as I watched Jordan’s body burst into flames
back to ashes and death’s dust swept back to hell
for whom the tombstoned bell tolls
it tolls for thee
in the name of justice
and destiny
once love unfurled
my monster heart
is no longer of this world

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