The Pot of Gold in Me, poetry by Eva Marie Cagley at
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The Pot of Gold in Me

The Pot of Gold in Me

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



A two-way mirror gives you entry into this mystery.
Laying here now waiting to enjoy thee
Warm emotions like the sun running inside freely
Savoring the delight of your body next to me.

Come and catch me if you can, playing like the leprechauns!
Will you search for the gold at the end of the rainbow?
Or take your chances behind my door?
Which will it be? Door One, Two or Three?

Here I am now behind an apple tree
But you see me only in your deepest sleep.
I’m passion’s delight with psychedelic feelings.
Reaching into your world of erotic dreams.

You taste the apple of gratification.
While you nibble on skin soft and appealing.
I am shining the ripest sensually inviting
Will you to choose the one of mystery?

Pick me then and set me free.
Make me beg for mercy and plea.
While you cry out in triumphant victory!
Laying here now waiting to enjoy thee.

What shall it be? Door one? Two or Three?
Or the pot of gold inside of me!

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