The Smile Of Emptiness And Nothingness, by Hongri Yuan at

The Smile Of Emptiness And Nothingness

The Smile of Emptiness and Nothingness

written by: Hongri Yuan

translated by: Yuanbing Zhang


Fifteen thousand years ago

You were a king.

And thirty thousand years ago

You were a slave

Your past life was a long scroll of times

And the next life? How short ten thousand years are!

Yesterday is emptiness and nothingness,

Tomorrow is emptiness and emptiness

Where are you at this time

Emptiness and nothingness, Emptiness and nothingness

Buddha halo, the smile of emptiness and nothingness









而来世呢 一万年何其短暂

昨天空无 明天空无


空无 空无 如来的光环 空无的笑容

Hongri Yuan

Hongri Yuan

Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, Gold City, Golden Paradise , Gold Sun and Golden Giant.
Hongri Yuan

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