The Veil of Happiness, poetry by Ximena Escobar at

The Veil of Happiness

The Veil of Happiness

written by: Ximena Escobar



the water veiling her gaze was
home, not sadness, a Sea of
Transparency, a throne, a jewel
the Spark
of her madness, Home in her darkness
the Glow
of a depth too far, is an aquarium cup of hands
infinite, as the whole Universe,
a sunken star
too distant, too alien to accept
That is where the heart is,
That is where she spins
behind the cloudy curtain of her tears,

No one saw her, splashing in the puddles,
No one saw the mermaid,
splashing in those ugly school shoes,
Weighed down
by the hem of her jeans,
making her late to the party,

in the glow of the place you came from,
the memory of happiness,
the veil of Happiness

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