This Savage Land (Your Chaotic Heart) by Jose A Tovar at

This Savage Land (Your Chaotic Heart)

This Savage Land

(Your Chaotic Heart)

written by: Jose A. Tovar


I have traversed
this savage land
and your chaotic heart,
arrived at World’s End
and stood at the edge
of your ravenous chasm,
gazing into the abyss,
the abyss gazing back
and demanding tribute
in blood-dripping ink,
a poet’s payment
for clinging
to love’s specter.

Jose A. Tovar

Jose A. Tovar

Inquiring freethinker undertaking a journey of moral and intellectual transformation: I strive, I search, I hunt for the hidden and forbidden, mold it into poetry, and let the shadows within me burst free...

B.A. in Political Science, former Analytical Linguist, and lover of liberty.
Jose A. Tovar

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