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An Autumnal Walk in Strathdale

written by:  Michael J Leach



(Footfalls on concrete paths)

The chittering of flying foxes

(Footfalls on asphalt roads)

The distant hum of vehicles

(Footfalls on nature strips)

The rhythmic chirp of crickets

(Footfalls on driveway gravel)

The bark of a cocker spaniel

(Footfalls on old dirt tracks)

The chuckling of kookaburras

(Footfalls on Strathdale Oval)

The booting of soccer balls

(Footfalls on fallen leaves)

The crunching of dry organics

(Footfalls all round)

A wall of sound

Michael J Leach

Michael J Leach

Michael J Leach is a poet, researcher and statistician who holds positions at Bendigo Health, Cancer Australia and Monash University. His poems have appeared in a wide range of journals, including the Medical Journal of Australia, The Mathematical Intelligencer, Spillwords, Meniscus Literary Journal and Cordite Poetry Review. Michael’s poem ‘The Plight of the Adelie Penguin’ is part of the inaugural Antarctic Poetry Exhibition in Antarctica and New Zealand. He lives in Strathdale, Australia.
Michael J Leach

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