TRAGIC BEAUTY by Ayushman Jamwal at



written by: Ayushman Jamwal



A sea of memory with a dark muse,
Juvenile joy, yet sacred love anew,
Delicate warmth of a violent heart,
Nurturing malevolence in the dark,
Poisoned happiness primed in her arsenal,
It’s so tragic, it’s beautiful.

I paint a canvas with my fire,
Wielding my precarious desire,
My dark muse scorns with enchanting fury,
She torches my art, she deems it unsavoury,
Covered in ash my smile is blissful,
It’s so tragic, it’s beautiful.

Fleeting hope is all she has given,
Yet life is sweet an edge from oblivion,
No tradition or equation for the soul,
In her shadow there’s decay, but I am whole,
So many scars, but I’m not delusional,
It’s so tragic, it’s beautiful.

She is not love, just a fascinating thing,
A human tempest held by glass strings,
Night and day rising and falling together,
Love and disdain in one ungodly spectre,
Blossoming and withering, I witness her, unmerciful,
It’s so tragic, it’s beautiful.

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