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Train of Pain

written by: Any1mark



Hell is no single place. It's in constant motion. The rails it rides are made of brick and mortar. The bodies and souls of the damned line its tracks. The weight of their sins born as the train of pain sails through the twilight of eternity. "Do you want to bear the crushing weight?" Reverend Samuels elevates his voice to end the sermon.

The bewildered parishioners stare back. It's of his own sins he speaks. They all know the story. His wife made them public. The secrets of a man held to a higher standard. Reduced to church fodder. He stood tall. Smile beaming as if he had no idea everyone knew.

He hurries toward the door. Seventy nine "My God be with you" later. The empty church and his soul collide. The empty building breathes in the humid air. It's the air that removes life and energy. The whiff of Sulphur shakes him loose from thought.

"Are you ready Mr. Samuels? You are expected promptly at 1. Master hates to wait, please this way." The dark man smiles and holds the door.

The grey train chugs steam into the air. The train is leaving the station.



Mark, a traveler with a working problem. I spend my time writing poetry, flash fiction, and taking pictures of the world. I have time because I'm waiting for the Ckeveland Browns to win a Super Bowl.

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