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Two Poles

written by: SMiles



I love the carboom before the furlongings of the inbetweens I control
I love the backwards running full tilt up the hill with trousers around my neck
I love shopping never dropping with money I haven't got
I love talking faster than my mouth can spit words
I love until It's me I cannot love.
Love me
I know you do
seen the gaze
mirror bound
love me
the staring at you
the intake of breath
the exhale
flowing the blood
blinking the vision
pausing between
love me
recall our words
medically unwrapped
to tolerate
and forgive
love me
take that moment to
forgiving imperfections
there's no forgetting
love me
together we're a force
manic with depression
love me
my other self.



My name Is Stephen John Miles (SMiles) live in Barrow in Furness Cumbria England, I'm 53 diagnosed dyslexic at 47. Found my written voice once diagnosed and have been shouting ever since. I've a self published children's book Zac's leather elephant and a published children's book The fox the owl and the big green towel, I have a new children's book coming out later this year called Book of Zac. The books are published by Austin Macaulay. I made stories up to entertain my children all rhyming this led to the books. My break in poetry came after a friend of mine died and I wrote a poem for his funeral. Two years ago I appeared at the Bloomsbury festival in London. I write beat poems as it works well with my dyslexia. Something I feel strongly about is self expression after feeling excluded for so long. I'm not for everyone but then not everyone's for me so that makes us even.

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