Upon Apollo's Golden Chariot, written by Chasity Gaines at Spillwords.com

Upon Apollo’s Golden Chariot

Upon Apollo’s Golden Chariot

written by: Chasity Gaines



Here I sit
In this chair
Beside the sunshine
Glittery lake

Warming in the brisk
Morning sun rays
Thinking of yesterday’s
And how they come to pass

Lonely now,
sitting in this chair made of metal
No family to visit or phone

Doctors and nurses are my
Constant companions
As well as the other old fats

Drooling in their pudding,
Playing checkers
And waiting for
Our friend the grim reaper

To give us our great Escape
From the frailties of the body
And the forced loneliness

Warm and content
Reflecting for a moment
Lifting my hand to the
Glorious sun-

But the wrinkled hand
That should be
Spotty and veiny
In the sun’s honest light

Instead the hand of my youth
Outreached and waiting
For Apollo’s golden chariot

Chasity Gaines

Chasity Gaines

I am a 35 year old mother, wife, and grandmother. I started writing as soon as I knew how to hold a pencil and form words. I always carried a little black notebook with me so when inspiration hit.
I write poetry, fantasy, and creative non-fiction. I hold a Bachelors in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire.
I finally gave up on my mundane job to become a full-time writer. I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the first year!
I love to read, write, mediate, listen to music, spend time with family, and relax at the beach.
Chasity Gaines

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