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written by: Sharona Reeves


I'm glad life's been kind and you've had to make no provisions
I'm glad suicide was never a thought and you've never made intoxicated decisions
I'm so happy for you that you've never had to sit and think "maybe the world is better off without me" and then take your own life within the time it takes to blink
It warms my heart to know you've never suffered from isolation
But when it comes to us who have please do not judge our hesitation
Our hesitation in believing that one day it will be alright
Because as of right now we live our lives daily in fright
Our hesitation in wanting to change our way because of a past that caused us to die a little more everyday
Our hesitation in believing the world is such a wonderful place when we've spent so much time staring our demons in the face
So I ask for mercy as we try to heal
We may have avoided it all with only one decision but we walked a different path and now we are on the road to revision
So please do not judge our hesitation
Accept us as we are and try to understand our life's vision

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves is a free verse lyrical writer who began writing poems and short stories as a child. She was born in Tampa, raised in Memphis. Sharona has explored performing arts, studied creative writing, journalism, psychology and is an aspiring novelist.
Sharona Reeves

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