Ware The Slip Away, a poem by R.S. Saha at Spillwords.com
Theodor Vasile

Ware The Slip Away

Ware The Slip Away

written by: R.S. Saha


In all the hands that hold me,
I found the gaps.
Fateful spaces between fingers
And palms.

Soft adoration and protection
Caresses my hair, my skin
Lacking the grip fear gives,
Set loose by trust.

Half on the hands,
Upside down in the space under,
Reason is withered by the blood,
Pooling in my head.

Knowledge of that wilting
Strengthens my core
And I am kept half on the hands
Mostly blind and stubborn

But the space under calls
“A leaf on a full branch is not missed.
Noticed, perhaps.
But the branch does not need it.”

I know this.
Oh how I know this.
But I do not heed that call,
Because it comes from within.

And all that is within is poisoned by blood.

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