Waves Of Change written by Sunmy Brown at Spillwords.com

Waves Of Change

Waves Of Change

written by: Sunmy Brown


Hear the vociferous cries of resistance,
Echoing off marble pillars and bronze coated sidewalks.
Brilliant sunlight burst through atrium skylights
Shining down on a sea of truth-seekers demanding change now.

Beseech governing parties manipulating their power,
who oppress and marginalize vulnerable newcomers,
terrorizing mothers and helpless children, yanking them apart,
in the derelict world of immigration and customs enforcement.

We are a menagerie of people from far away lands,
comprising the fabric of a 21st century landscape.
America as we know it, will continue to evolve,
Yet we must never cower to the diatribe against
unalienable rights granted to every woman and man:
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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