Well of Doubt, a poem by Riham El-Ashry at Spillwords.com
Gary Meulemans

Well of Doubt

Well of Doubt

written by: Riham El-Ashry


I was there in the garden
Born there, believed I was blessed
Tall trees shaded the ground
Fruits and water all around

Beside its walls, I once dared,
To look beyond the thorny fence.
To my dismay, behind the walls,
Stood a world with colors dense

Glancing back, my orchard faded
Its glory and greatness dazed
A tiny drop of doubt seeped inside
A baffled head and a troubled mind

Many drops came along and swelled.
Doubt has overflowed and filled a well,
Dyed the settled pictured and stained
“Is there a way to certainty?” I claimed

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