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Westward Towards Love

Westward towards love

written by: Don Knowles



Westward to foothills of the Appalachians
Cross the mile makers off one by one
Each vista encompasses our journey
Serenely whispering Love is the best way
Through the respirating tree tops swaying
Past the deer path worn with passage
Each footfall leading past each summit
reminds us we are one with all
take this moment in nature’s silence
Hearing hushed messages shared with us
Floating pause of air all about you
Clears your heart and mind of fretting
Suddenly a clear cut moment barges
encroaching pavement of progress reigns
Blanketing the bear brown soils
Breaching the barricade to this bastion
We forget Love is the best way
That tiny hand you grasp inside yours
Trusting you to your legacy
Solely dependent on the good will
Of developers surveying virgin lands
Each trampled sapling broken
All Streams rerouted for convenience centers
Not every berry grows for our plucking
Nor clutch of roe for our consumption
Conservancy is not a cursed word
Nor a magic spell to cast forth
In the Treasuring of all Gods heavens
Love is the best way
Oh Father Sky
Oh Mother Earth
To all the roaming beasts about us
Love is all
Love is the best way
Love is nature’s way
The best way

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