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When You Walk

When You Walk

written by: Jacqueline Mead



When you walk amongst the flower and trees,
Do you take note of the insects and bees?
Making their homes in the branches and leaves.
Some no bigger than a speck of dirt.
Bees hovering amongst the roses, cowslip and milkwort.
Pollinating the buds of new flowers, preparing for Spring to arrive.
The treasure they desire is nectar; to be drunk by the Queen of their beehive.

Show your admiration for nature at work.

Beetles, crickets, flies of all kinds, can be found.
Amongst the stem and leaves closer to the ground.
The crickets emit a shrill chirp, the flies hum as they quickly flap their wings.

Listen closely as nature sings.

Popping up their heads from their hole in the ground.
Wild rabbits, take a look around you, hundreds abound.
Squirrels running up their trees.
Escaping predators, storing their tea.

Watch closely as nature plays.

Down by the canal amongst the reeds, dragonflies of a beautiful bright blue.
Flap their wings very quickly, look closely, do you see one close-by?
Be quick they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Gnats and midges in their hordes,
Creating havoc and discord.
Swatting a huge band of them with your hand; wondering what is their place?
As they make a nuisance of themselves, getting in your face.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Ducks swans, geese sharing the river, swimming atop; Fishes swimming below.
Birds make nests for the young in the safest bushes beneath the largest willow.

Admire the protective side of nature.

When you walk…with an open mind.
You will be delighted at the many forms of nature you find.

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