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Taine Noble

Where Has Our City Gone?

Where Has Our City Gone?

written by: Maggie O’Brien



Father! Where has our city gone?
Is God angry? What have I done wrong?
Father! Why is mother always crying?
Why are there rockets and missiles flying?
Why so many bombs and bright flashes?
Why is my schoolyard nothing but ashes?
I think I’ve been as good as gold.
I think I did as I was told.
I can’t imagine what I’ve done wrong.
Father! Where has our city gone?
And the babushka who fed pigeons in the square?
Why is she just lying there?
I’m asking, curious because
She’s asleep in a hole where the square once was.
Father! Father! Hold my hand
Father! Help me understand.
Why we are hiding from explosions that howl
Is the devil above us, on the prowl?
Tell me, do you think he’ll win?
Are we punished for our sins?
Father! Father! Make it right
I promise to pray harder, every night.

“Dear Jesus,
If I’ve been naughty, I’ll make amends
Please just make this horror end.
And oh, yes!
Give us our city back again”

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