Where The Wild Horses Roam, poetry by Sunmy Brown at Spillwords.com
Fabian Burghardt

Where The Wild Horses Roam

Where The Wild Horses Roam

written by: Sunmy Brown



The pastures still with serenity
Colts and fillys, statuesque
Chewing the cud of life
Their manes move and whisper
Against the soft breeze

Nobility belies the pedigree
Passed down by generations
Indulgence copulates
With the winds of change
And the stroke of time

Gallop past the gusty fields
The weeping willow
The sweet gum
And green ash
Swaying its branches

In unison with a tune
Hauntingly familiar
At the heels of hoofs
Dashing past the vast landscape
Inherited many moons ago

Come stand by the meadow
Drink out of the vessel of
Serenity and Tranquility
The marrow of life
A harmonious tune

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