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Why Do I Care?

Why Do I Care?

written by: Benedict Hurley



Breaking news! Queen Elizabeth II has died
The Queen was 96 years old and her life was well lived.
To die now is expected I guess, even though her late mother made it to her 101 year.
I know it shouldn’t bother me, after all I’m Irish, she is not my Queen, but, seeing her public appearances over the years, I’ve come to like her.

After Prince Philip passed away I thought it would not be long before She joined him.
I have to say the fact that She did carry on after that loss, showed how strong She was.
She has served her Country, Empire faithfully and lovingly for 70 years.
She had a wonderful way with those she came into contact with. When She came to Cork She showed a very human side to her personality which was beautiful to witness.

As I sit here writing this two memories of that trip to Ireland come to mind, her use of the Irish language and how she gave her security a bit of headache when, after arriving at the entrance of the Old English Market, she went to the crowd of school children who were opposite the entrance.

So, why do I care? I care because She had a friendly attitude, she had not done anything to me personally, She is a human being, She has children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who will feel her loss more than I or anyone else could.
Now that her passing has come, the world will join in the Royal Families grief, as will I in my own way.

May God Bless Her Gentle Soul and May His light shine down on all who mourn her loss today and always

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