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I Couldn’t Stand The Pain

i couldn’t stand the pain

written by:  William T Fearby


the clock on the wall shows a quarter to three
the old man sat crying while drinking his cold tea
his world has lost meaning since his love walked out
leaving him feeling empty, his heart full of doubt

the rings on the tables the stains on the floor
the strong smell of tobacco the old creaking door
the memories of days spent when they were together
he always thought what they had, would last forever

how could he know it would all end up this way
he lost all his pride when he begged her to stay
their time had run out there was nowhere to go
she left him a broken man with nothing to show

he sits at the table where they always sat
remembering the hours he spent at their flat
trying to make sense of what he had lost
his wife’s walked out now he’s counting the cost

as the clock ticks on to twenty past four
he sits all alone just watching the door
hoping and praying that she may come back
oblivious of time and losing all track

he lights up a cigarette straight after the other
and struggles to breathe as he thinks of his lover
he coughs and splutters cold tea in his cup
a dark shadow stands over him so he looks up

standing over him he sees his darling wife
and tells her he has loved her all of his life
she says i know dear that’s why i am here
i have come to collect you please have no fear

and as his spirit leaves his body behind
she said i didn’t leave i’m not that unkind
i had to go my darling i tried so hard to stay
but god sent the angels and they took me away

now we are reunited forever for the rest of our days
i promise i will make it up to you in so many ways
and i swear i will never leave you ever again
because if i lost you twice i couldn’t stand the pain

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