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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

written by: Norma Passarell



It took me thirty years of suff’ring mourn, oh dear!,
To tame the fiercest beast, my dreaded loneliness.
A lifetime of gregarious wildness ’twas indeed.
I was drunk every single night; there was no light.

With time, I learnt to be in my own company.
I then saw you and in a whisper thought, to me,
I swear, you had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.
Hence you became my greatly loved Glaswegian prince.

Incertitude lifted me towards the sky, couldn’t sleep at night,
Then daydreamt ’bout how’d it be you kissing me throughout.
I asked you out. You said: “Why not?” But soon I knew
All was a figment of my brimful fantasy.

How ignorant I’d been! How couldn’t I see that you
Were not interested in me?! Now that you are gone,
You left me wondering how I will be alone.
Again, but even older, rejected I have been.

For now, I’ll loathe your accent on every mouth,
Even though I know it isn’t you to blame, but me,
For being too naive, and having forced you to love me.
Go away! Go away! With time, I’ll be okay!

Norma Passarell

Norma Passarell

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