Witch Seasoning, poetry by Jeffrey Cyphers Wrights at Spillwords.com

Witch Seasoning

Witch Seasoning

written by: Jeffrey Cyphers Wright



A pinch of cheek, a burst of dam,
a jay’s plaintive shriek. Five drams
of toadstool jam for us to stew in.

Some infectious rhythm and a flake
of crystal blue persuasion. A bit

of bat. Forsakenness. Shaken
with ice from Hell’s Stop ’n Shop.

Follow the drinking guard. Gulp!

Burnt whiskers of a whisk broom.

Ear moss. Twelve steps. Elaine.
Patricia. Anne. Kim. Penny. Kay
Gabriel. Joanna. Jen. Mary. Bella.

Never forget Elektra and etcetera.
Calling all newts! Be on your toes.

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