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written by: Diane Leopard



YOU crept silently into my life
YOU came along without warning,
No lights flashing, no sirens screaming,
Are YOU real or am I dreaming?
YOU turned my world upside down,
As only YOU can do,
The lights went dim, my head was spinning,
I didn’t know if YOU were winning.

YOU might stay,
YOU might go,
Do any of us really know,
YOU made my days so cold and lonely,
The tears I cried left me empty inside,
But, what YOU didn’t know,
Is that my world is filled with so much love
I was wrapped in a protective glove.

YOU changed my world but that’s not bad,
For every day I feel so glad,
The beauty that surrounds us all
Was waiting just outside the door
YOU held my life in your cold hand,
But YOU gave my world a loving glow.

If YOU should ever call again
I’ll walk with YOU into the rain,
But just for now we walk together,
Your shadow never far away,
YOU may come, and YOU may go,
YOU may take and YOU may hurt
BUT, just for now I want to say
Thank YOU for giving me a bright new day.



The inspiration for this poem came shortly after my five-year post-cancer treatment review. I found myself reflecting on life from the heartbreaking diagnosis through to opening the curtains in the morning and saying ‘Thank You’. Every day is a wonderful gift and I am determined not to miss a moment, Carpe Diem.

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