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You Touched Me

written by: Twinkle Barot


I stood blank, just about to dive into the hole that is black.
just a second before, I felt the warmth,
A hot sensation......like a piece of red charcoal rolling on my arm.
I cautiously looked around but only nothing was present.
please tell me, why you touched me?

Eyes opened, mouth opened,
I tried to catch my breath again.
I saw a shadow a firm voice as if the sun comes to the sky full of roaring rain.
"Hey!! Hang on!!"
I looked question marked.
"Let me come with you."
"Why??" I asked.
"Because you touched me."

Twinkle Barot

Twinkle Barot

Twinkle Barot is from Anand Gujarat. She is currently doing masters in philosophy in English. She calls herself a researcher as she is more than in love with the concept of research and relates everything to it. To her, Life is nothing but an eternal research. She is an explorer, a reading enthusiast and intellectually constipated.
Twinkle Barot

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