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written by: Saanvi Patra


Each snowflake gently falls;
weaving a white bed of perfection.
Around the mistletoe,
people rejoice, hoping the unexpected happens.

The young children think,
about St. Nicks’s laughter and his rosy red cheeks,
hoping he gives them;
not coal, what they seek.

Church bells ring,
the carolers wearing scarfs and snow boots sing;
a few stumble and lyricize wrong,
but that doesn’t let the Christmas spirit go less strong.

Children run collecting pinecones in hand,
Fir trees set up with nitid ornaments;
and the golden star up high, in contrast.

Mothers serving plum cake,
whilst giving their children;
carte blanche to commemorate this joyous day.

Alas, the night,
where everyone is convened;
Pulchritudinous presents aesthetically arranged,
all the smiles and laughter.

Saanvi Patra

Saanvi Patra

Hi, I'm Saanvi; an avid reader and writer. I find reading and writing quite unique because you get transported into another world; you can't see things, but you can also see them. Crazy isn't it? When you don't find me reading or writing, you'll find me practicing Classical dance, sketching, or maybe jamming country or pop music. I truly believe everyone has value and they are worth it, when they think they are not, they just need a little reassurance. Through the years, I hope to contribute to making the world a better place.
Saanvi Patra

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