A Similar Name written by Rich at

A Similar Name

A Similar Name written by: Rich @H3Richard   Kurt Cochrane didn't seek fame It was just him, his heroine, and a Similar Name The one from Seattle ...
S & M written by Rich at

S & M

S & M  written by: Rich @H3Richard   Back in the decade of swing and you may never heard of him There was a man named Dr Guttmann best know...
Tottenham Pie written by Rich at

Tottenham Pie

Tottenham Pie written by: Rich @H3Richard   A Long long time ago I cannot remember how the Football used to make them smile I thought if they had thei...
Uncanny Numbers written by Rich at

Uncanny Numbers

Uncanny Numbers written by: Rich @H3Richard   This black Post The Ghosts With eyes so blue Look down on you Put me in a high - rise putting pai...


I do the London 'Open mic' circuit having been writing for three years. I like to confront serious themes and try to explore reasons behind certain happenings.