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written by: Joy4no1



I know it well with each
inhale & exhale.
The night wraps around me like a guilty hug.
Curled up with my insecurities it’s a deep onyx of insufferable anxieties.
is not golden.
It rages like a typhoon flooding perceptions
invades my cocoon.
Fingers curl around a cigarette,
inhale & exhale.
List of honorary regrets flashes in numeral judgments.
I can afford it since it's all I've got baby-doll.
The music in my soul strums a steady roll as I...
inhale & exhale.



I have always loved words and find comfort in what they mean to others.
I am a writer of fiction and have recently published my first two books on Amazon. I love bringing characters to life and letting them surprise me with their own words.

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