420 Feels, haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at Spillwords.com

420 Feels

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



I was laying down/

cup of tea and a kitten/

feel like 4/20



Illustration description: A background of swirling, mottled, green and white mist. In the lower right corner, a simplified figure with purple, curly hair, blank face, and a rainbow sweater holds a white mug of what appears to be the same substance as the background. Mist escaping the mug enhances this impression. The shape of a tan cat with dark brown markings, somewhere between spots and stripes, is draped across the figure’s invisible lap. Its tail curls into a wisp of mist. All the shapes in this group are slightly misted at the edges, increasing the dreamlike quality of the image. To the upper right of these two figures float the words of the haiku in white comic sans font, occupying most of the remaining space.

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