666 Hope Avenue, a poem written by Godfrey Holy at Spillwords.com

666 Hope Avenue

666 Hope Avenue

written by: Godfrey Holy


That new house smell
has long faded__
drifted away to more deserving
abodes, to noses that cheer
the heart and tame the mind

That hope smell
no longer waft from my chimney
It lies dormant, burried in shoot
with roots hard to uproot
Copacetic the view
yet like dirty dishes in a sink
We waste away in a ship that
just won’t sink

That first love smell
has all gone foul__
Drains clogged with unopened regrets
pipes frozen by icy silence.
Pent-up contempt hoarded
in greasy hearts,
hate spattered backsplash
evidence of a spoiling

That lost smell
has invaded my home
faith dying within her walls
That basement stench has taken over,
failure pickled in sadness,
the moldy oppressive odor
of unused life slowly
rotting into

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